I got kaiuh out of Maude. I did not believe that Kaiuh would get along with my cats, but I really wanted a Cane Corso. Troy Cane Corsos assured me there would be no trouble, because they would temperament test the puppies and choose a puppy that was suitable for me. She get's along with my cats and is the best companion I have ever had. I am trully amazed at all of your dog's temperament and will reccomend you highly to anyone looking for a Cane Corso.

E. Monk email: ehvm@rogers.com
We purchased Bear in the summer from Cane corso's of troy. We can't say enough about this breeder and his dogs. He lived up to all our expectations and more. He guided us through the puppy picking process and helped us choose the perfect pup. We have owned many dogs throughout our lives and by far Bear is the best dog we've ever owned. We also visited many kennels before we decided on a breeder, as soon as we talked to this breeder we new he was the one for us and not in it  for the money,but for the love of the breed .
His kennel grounds ae immculate and his dogs are very well taken care of and loved.
Bear has changed our lives and we don't know what we would ever do without him! Thank you so much Lucas!!

From the Morre family.

Jeremy says" This is Koda. Born May 2008,  She is out of Maude. She's perfect for me!! Thanks again for everything.

Nick says "I would like to send my appreciation and thanks to Lucas for all of his efforts. He made it a very easy choice to adopt Rainer. He provided exactly what I was looking for in a responsible breeder. Lucas was very informative and was able to answer my many questions which allowed me to end up with a highly intelligent, trainable and healthy puppy. I have had Rainer for 4 months now and still get stopped everyday by people that would like to commend me on his temperament. I would recommend anyone interested in this fantastic breed to take a look at Cane Corso Of Troy".


* Nancy and Stellar pictured above.
The thing that impressed us most was how much Lucas loves his dogs and their puppies. That meant a lot to us. We also were very happy to see how nice and clean the kennels are and how very happy the dogs are. They are part of the family. We were pleased to see how knowledgeable Lucas is of the breed and how dedicated he is to the breed by insuring the temperament and standard of his dogs. Maybe this is the time to talk about our Stellar. Stellar is my son's dog. She is from gentle Maude and born in May. Stellar is my granddaughter and I love her like she is. I brought her to visit great granny in the nursing home and she said she is very gentle and sweet.  She's so smart that you can actually see her thinking. Stellar and I went to the Rare Breed show and she had a great critique from the European judges and I was so proud of her. Before the show started the Italian judge stopped at her crate and commented on her beautiful expression. I plan to take her to the next show. My son loves her to pieces and has a lot of fun with her. He is very happy that he picked this breed and Cane Corso of Troy . People always stop and ask us about her and  comment on her great temperament. I have always been a small dog lover but, I'm so elated to have Stellar in my life. She is stunningly gorgeous and I don't know what I would do without her. We would love to have another one of Lucas' dogs in the future.

Nancy and Dave 
I would like to let everyone know how wonderful "Cane Corso of Troy" is. Firstly, Lucas is an amazing person to deal with. He knows his stuff, knows the breed, cares for each of his dogs and pups like they were his own children. Very very professional and able to answer any questions I had regarding our dog. I highly recommend Lucas from Cane Corso of Troy to anyone looking to adopt one of these amazing dogs.  Let me tell you about our dog.....
We are the proud owners of "Capone" from Maude, we got him last summer after having him flown here (B.C). He had a great flight, very well cared for. He came home to us and melted our hearts immediately.  Our family has 4 children, ages 14, 12, 3 and 1 so this puppy would have to soon get used to the hustle and bustle of our chaotic lives. It's amazing to see how great he is with our kids. The one year old literally crawls over Capone and sticks his fingers in his ears, lifts his jowls up and puts a finger or two in his eyes....he never flinches, growls or makes a peep! He has a gentle soul and a kind disposition however, when someone knocks at the door...he is a very very good guard dog, growling and barking letting everyone know he is protecting us.  We get lots of compliments on him. Also, he is a VERY good powerful swimmer. My husband can't believe how well he swims
We are very happy with our Capone and are considering getting another next year.


*Capone pictured above with Tania's adorable daughter!

Thank you Lucas for allowing me to home such a wonderful and beutiful dog. She has stoped traffic, people say she looks like a black panther!! She loves everyone and my whole family loves her. I never knew what a wonderful temperament these dogs have and I am now forever in love with the Cane Corso breed.
All the best,

Your friend,
John El Masarani  at Fair Mortgage Solutions.
We picked up an 8 week old puppy from the Nitro & Storm litter of December '08.  She was the cutest and most calm tempered puppy I had ever met!  When we had met Lucas, I was pleased to see how much pride he took in his business and how much he cared for his animals.  It was nice to know he wouldn't just let anyone have his puppies.  He made sure we had proper knowledge on how to raise her, and even gave us a ton of information to take home - even a dvd.  Not only that, but he continues to be there for us as she grows up and has answered so many questions about feeding and training to just all around basic care.  She has been to other obedience classes, but truthfully, just tips from Lucas helped more than any of her classes!  A huge thank you goes out to you, we really appreciate your support!
Sincerely, Jay, Sonya & Gotti!

We Just wanted to say a big Thanks to you Lucas, for Giving us such an amazing & Beautiful dog. Icis is from Nitro & Storm's December, 2008 litter.
As first time dog owners, We wanted a large dog that was very loving, great temperament, gentle in everyway but at the same time a guard dog.. and we got just that. Icis is such a joy in our life, we could never imagine our life without her. She is so friendly with everyone and just loves attention, but on the other hand is very protective of our home and us. Icis is so smart, at 3 months old she learned how to sit ,stay, down, give right and left paws, rollover, and give a kiss. We were amazed at how fast she was able to learn. Every time we walk her someone always stops us and are amazed by her beauty.. We even have the neighbourhood kids come knocking on our door just to play with her.. We couldn't believe how great she was with children right from the start. She gets along great with other dogs and she is always very respectful when meeting new dogs. We are so blessed to have a perfect dog in everyway.  Lucas has been a huge support system for us, anytime we want to ask him a question about training or anything he's always there for us. It's nice to have a piece of mind knowing that we can count on him 110%. We are so impressed with his knowledge about the breed, and his love for them. We totally recommend anyone who is interested on getting a Cane Corso, to adopt from Cane Corso Di Troy. Lucas, we appreciate all your help, support and advice, you have completely surpassed our expectations, and we our forever grateful to you for giving us Icis.
P.s. Can't wait to add another Corso to our family Pack!
Your Friends,
David, Jennifer & Icis Tams

Where do I even start? Well firstly, thank-you Lucas! Thank-you for the gift you’ve given to my family. Thank-you for the gift you’ve given to my brother and I. Thank-you so much for Titus!

We are the recipients of Titus Di Troy out of Nitro and Storm from the Dec 08 breeding. We searched for a long time for a good breeder. It’s hard enough to find one you trust but with Lucas we got a breeder and friend. From the day we picked up Titus, Lucas has given us a wealth of knowledge seemingly greater than that we could have gotten from the internet, forums or shows. He is a true breeder with a devotion unsurpassed to his friends, his family and by using those terms I mean his Corsi’s. The treatment he gives to his dogs, the way they respect him, is simply incredible. You’ve never truly seen the interaction he has with them, until you’ve walked with Lucas and a lot of Corsi’s, including Titus! It is an incredible pack walk experience, thank-you for that honor Lucas!

We wanted a dog with a stable temperament, one we could eventually begin to show, with the build of the true (in our opinion) old world Corsi. Well in a nutshell, we wanted Nitro! Nitro’s build his proportions his stance, who wouldn’t want that in a Corso!?! And what did Lucas give us? Nitro, in the Steel Blue Brindle form, known as, Titus Di Troy. Not a day goes by people don’t stop and say what a stunning dog, what a temperament, what a color and without conviction I proudly say Cane Corso of Troy. Titus is a family member and true guardian of our home! As for being friendly he would sooner lick you to death. He loves the kids at the park and loves all kinds of attention. 30 minute walks have taken an hour and a half when having to stop, to explain the breed and allow people to pet him, so please expect that when you get one of Lucas’s pups! However don’t let his gentleness fool you, he is big enough to stand his ground and make you stop in your tracks! Just come and ring the doorbell at our home and I’m sure you will hear the roof shake, when Titus barks to warn you, a Cane Corso guards this home!!!

We now begin the journey of showing him, something we were looking for when we wanted a Corsi, and that’s what we got!  This is all thanks to the outstanding breeding pairs Lucas puts together! We’ve been to shows, talked to people on forums and there are undoubtedly those breeders in varying countries whom stand out amongst there peers; Lucas in my opinion, is that top Canadian breeder you’re looking for!

So I will finish where I started from and say thank-you again! Thank-you to Lucas at Cane Corso of Troy, for our newest clown, playmate, friend, protector and most cherished family member!

Tyrone, Jason and Titus Carelse.

We recieved Remus from the Dec 08 breeding of Nitro and Storm.  We are first time dog owners and did extensive research into which breed would be right for us and our new home in the country and our children. We saw the 'corso' and instantly admired the look and qualities of the breed. We got much misinformed feedback about this breed and honestly, we were still naiive to what having such a dog would entail. We were determined to be very responsible and consistant with Remus, and Troy was excellent in making sure we knew what to expect and gave us fantastic training/advice resources. As a result, Remus is the most stable, lovable, intelligent dog we know. Training was almost too easy. Remus has twenty acres to himself, but only 'goes' in one designated spot.  He get's along with other dogs just fine. We are always having people over and Remus is remarkably perceptive to who's 'safe' and who we're not sure of, which is what you need out here in the country. But he always obeys our lead and acts accordingly which usually means our guests get licked and hit with a wagging tail. Not many in our circle are familiar with cane corsi, but we always get compliments on our gorgeous, awesome dog. We recommend Troy every chance we get, since the devotion and passion for cane corsi are so evident. Remus is absolutley perfect for us, loyal, affectionate, intelligent and protective, but at heart, a big suck, always needing to be around his family, and we wouldn't want it any other way. To think, a year ago, we never even knew cane corsi existed, and now we have the best family companion you could ever hope to get. Thank you Lucas di Troy!

Cane Corso Of Troy
Sofie has been a member of our family since April 2011 she is from Briseas and Nitro. We had been researching the corso for years and breeders for the past year. We are so happy that we found Cane Corso Di Troy, Lucas has been very helpful, answers any questions we may have, and the relationship doesn't end after you receive your pup. Sofie has a wonderful temperment, always happy to meet new people and gets along great with other dogs but is protective of her home. We have had her in several obedience classes and in November she tested and received her Canine Good Citizenship
She is a show stopper, we take her wherever we go and people will come up to us to ask about her, and compliment how beautiful she is and we agree.
If you are looking at getting a cane corso we highly recommend Cane Corso Di Troy

David and Shelley hammons

Kane was from a Nitro Briseas litter. He honestly has an amazing personality. Super friendly dog and so smart. Always the most friendly dog in dog park.

David Clausner

I bought a puppy from Cane Corso of Troy and I couldnt be happier. The experience was great. I recieved Ransom from the Nov 2009 breeding of Briseas and Nitro.

I am not a first time dog owner but I am a first time Cane Corso owner. I was very impressed that Lucas took the time to answer any and all questions I had without any expectation to buy and he's very knowledgeable about the breed. I was happy to find a breeder that is reputable and breeds for the bettering of the breed and also offers life time support for me with my Corso.

I would definitely encourage people to consider Cane Corso of Troy when they are looking for the epitome of what a Cane Corso is. Ransom is a stunner!! and I cant take him anywhere without having people stop me to asked about my handsome Corso.

Ransom is an exceptional addition to my life. He's got a wonderful temperment, does great in crowds and with other dogs. Ransom is always ready to go for a hike and is also happy to just hang out. I couldnt see myself without Ransom and will be going back to Cane Corso of Troy for my next cane corso!!

I love my Cane Corso!!!

Kimberly Hodgson


Since the moment I've received Indigo a year and a half ago (beginning of February 2011) I have been blessed with the greatest dog on earth!! She has the greatest temperament. Perfect medium energy dog! Even as a puppy people would not only comment on how beautiful she is (even taking pictures of her!!) but they would always say "wow and she's only a puppy? but she is sooo calm!!"  Even now as she's older I can't take her for a walk without having at least 2 people tell me that she's an amazing dog!!
I take her to dog parks regularly and she is so respectful when meeting new dogs. if a dog barks at her she backs away from them immediately which is fantastic!!! She's even amazing with little dogs!! She get's along great with my cat Princess (Maybe too great, as I catch them snuggling together on the couch sometimes!!) but not only my cat, but even cats we come across, like for instance my vet's office has a cat and the cat tries to play with her and Indigo ignores her other then a little sniff hello!!!!

I take her everywhere with me!! even tie her up outside coffee shops while I'm sitting on the patio with friends, and she just calmly waits there!
With people she is amazing!! She is very calm with strangers she let's them pat her and everything, but she is very aloof (Which is one of the reasons why I choose this breed!!) even when I have people over she is amazing greets everyone, but still very aloof!!! but when my parents came to visit me and meet her for the first time when Indigo was already 6 months old, Indie treated my parents like they were 'me' with her supper wiggly bum and giving them kisses and everything!!! it's like she can tell the difference between friends and family...so great!!!! she was even trying to play with my dad:D

Even as a 3 month old puppy she just always has this natural instinct about people, most people she will ignore (On walks or in a car) but certain people she just wont take her eyes off of like she knows that there is something off about that person!! She wont bark, just look at them until they are well past us!!
As a recently single girl living in a big city I have never felt safer!! I mean to me she is a bundle of love, but I know for whatever reason she would protect me!!

I take her hiking EVERYWHERE especially now that I'm living in Vancouver!! and I have never had to train her to stay close to me while off leash she just always does. And if she looses sight of me she will look for me frantically.  She LOVES to climb so I take her to these huge dirt piles and we run up them together (so fun, and it's like she has the biggest smile on her face!!) I've been taking her to a lot of off leash beaches recently and this summer I'm teaching her to swim!!!

Thanks Lucas for giving me the greatest dog ever!!


I purchased a blue brindle male from Cane Corso of Troy in September 2010 from the parents of Briseas Di Troy & Nitro Di Troy and I couldn't be more happier.  Temprament and health were my top issues and Lucas made sure these issues were answered. although I live in California my gut feeling went with Cane Corso of Troy.  I found with his breeding program he was personal, was not over ran by too many dogs, doesn't over breed them and he has a real love for his dogs!!!! I enjoyed my experience overall.  He is a great breeder and now friend. Thank you Lucas with Cane Corso of Troy!! We love Arcadius he is a great companion!!!